To the Men and Women Who Want to
Quit Working One Day: The Solo 401k Plan
Solo 401k Plan

Dear Business Builder,

On a beautiful early summer afternoon, fifty years ago, Bob and Dave graduated from the same high school. These two young men were very much alike. Both had better than average grades, both were personable and both were filled with ambitious dreams for the future.

On May 15, 2015 Bob and Dave returned to their high school for their 50th reunion.
They were still very much alike. Both were happily married. Both had three grown children; two girls and a boy. Each with their own grand children.  And both, it turned out, had started their own small business ten years after graduation.

Now, after 50 years, both were seriously thinking about what they could do in retirement.

But there was a difference. Bob had built a $1,127,376.04 small business Solo 401k account balance.

Because of this balance Bob's dreams are filled with images of early retirement, the yacht, the Caribbean condo, luxury and pleasure as far as his eye could see -- with more than enough money socked away to secure a lavish new lifestyle for the rest of his life. 

And more importantly, time to spend with his grand children.
Bob felt even more blessed as he had hired his wife Susan  part-time for the last twenty years. Because her part-time income was extra money, she had put it all into the Solo 401k plan and now had a balance of $875,439.12 in her account.
That's not all. Bob also hired his children during their summer breaks from school and on occasional weekends throughout the year. Bob put most of their pay into the Solo 401k plan so that each one of them would have an account balance of $256,321.45 when it came time to pay for college.
Finally, Bob would be able to leave his business to his children to insure their financial future.
Dave, on the other hand,  had not started a small business Solo 401k and sadly, had no funds and no time for dreams.  He looked forward to continuing to work day after day for as long as he could.  As did his wife Sally.

Both were hoping that when they were unable to work any longer, they could survive on the after tax proceeds from the sale of the business and Social Security benefits.

Unfortunately, with no legacy to leave their children.


What Made the Difference Between Bob and Dave
Have you ever wondered, what makes this kind of difference in peoples lives? It isn't always intelligence, talent or dedication. It isn't that one person wants success and the other doesn't.

The difference lies in what each person knows and how he or she makes use of that knowledge.

What do you need to know that getting older is tough.

Despite your best efforts, Father Time, Mother Nature and Uncle Sam have been taking their toll on your mind, body and wallet... 
And ....

  • You need to know how much time you have left in your working life,
How would you handle being among the 42 percent of  retirees retired earlier than planned due to an unexpected event such as health problems or changes in their company such as downsizing.  The earlier you start preparing for unexpected events, the better. 
  •  You need to know how much time you have left to live,  
People today are living longer.  Retiring at age 65 today?  A man would have a 50% chance of still being alive at  81, a woman 85.  A 25% chance of living to nearly 90.  A 10% chance of getting close to 100.  How big a chance do you want to take of living longer than your savings lasts? 
  •  You need to know if you can quit working,
According to the Social Security Administration, today's lower income retirees can only count on pensions and Social Security for 57% of their income at retirement. Do you want to spend your Golden Years working the "fry station"at the "Golden Arches" or being a greeter at "Wally World".
  •  You need to know when you'll have enough money for a comfortable retirement, 
 Many people assume that expenses will go down in retirement, but frequently that is not the case.  Inflation means you will need more, not less.  Higher property taxes could cause your housing costs to be more.   Many other expenses may arise: $200,000 in increased medical costs and health insurance premiums ; financial help for children / grandchildren, or even elderly parents;


Here's how to strike back...
... it's   Simple...Fast
                     ...and  Affordable

Your Solo 401k Plan


Waking up to the sound of pounding surf and twittering songbirds.

Sunlight and warm, gentle breezes stream through the windows of your beautiful new ocean view home.

The bedroom door creaks softly as your housemaid tiptoes in with your breakfast tray.

Outside, you hear your gardener humming as he trims your immaculate garden.

You stretch and yawn freely, opening your eyes to take in the golden dawn.
You struggle with the delicious dilemma of choosing whether you'll spend the next few weeks here at your home on an island in the Gulf of Mexico (the one with the SeaRay Launch waiting at your private dock and the Rock Star neighbor next door)....

....or at your luxurious 10 acre estate (complete with your own horse stables and fully stocked private lake) in the heart of the Smoky Mountains.

With all the time and freedom to do whatever, whenever you please.




With your $1,127,376.04 Solo 401k goal, you'll have the time to satisfy your every whim. Time for pleasure and luxury as far as your eye can see. Time for your family, time for friends, time for you.

Your small business Solo 401k plan will get you there with a combination of salary deferral contributions and deductible profit sharing contributions. There is no expensive "nondiscrimination testing, like a regular 401k plan" and administrative costs are small.

We'll prepare the set of document binders making up your Solo 401k document, the 80 page Prototype Document, the 13 page Solo 401k Trust agreement, the 17 page Solo 401k plan summary and the salary deferral forms for the contributions to get you started. (Documents you would pay $250-$300 an hour to have prepared elsewhere). 

A Dept. of Labor Form 5500EZ tax information return is an annual issue as well. Your trust accounting, your contribution levels, and your Form 5500EZ or 5500SF tax return will all be taken care of for you. You will have to stay current with IRS and Dept. of Labor regulations. But we'll keep you informed of that too.

Time is Your

Most Precious Resource

The one factor that will have the most influence on whether or not you'll  have the time to be digging your toes into the soft Caribbean sand, putting on the lush 18th green, or traveling across the country is how much you'll have saved for that sunny day. With your small business Solo 401k plan you have two opportunities to maximize those savings.

                     Not One Chance but Two:
In a small business Solo 401k retirement plan, annual contributions can consist of one or two parts. And as always, two is better than one.  

      Traditional Pre-Tax

       401k Contributions 


            Roth Post-Tax

        401k Contributions 

Whether you choose to make your contributions on a pre-tax or post-tax basis the total amount you can contribute will depend upon your business structure. Since contributions are calculated differently for a small business Corporation from a Sole Proprietor, let's see how the two parts stack up:


Say your small business corporation pays you $50,000 in compensation a year.
The maximum contribution to your Solo 401k account would be a whopping:

Saving this amount annually for 20 years with a 7% investment return, your retirement balance is $1,127,376.04.

Sole Proprietor:

Now, instead, say you earn $50,000 from your self-employed, sole proprietorship.

The maximum Solo 401k contribution would be an impressive:
Saving this amount annually for 20 years with a 7% investment return, your retirement balance is $1,024,887.31

And if you're currently age 50 or older, You can add an additional $6,000 in employee contributions

In a Corporate organization, your small business Solo 401k can have a retirement balance after 20 years with a 7% investment return of $1,332,353.50 and

As a Sole Proprietor, your small business Solo 401k can have a retirement balance after 20 years with a 7% investment return of $1,229,864.77.

These balances were developed using the maximum contributions permitted and if you are just getting started they may be a little beyond your reach.

With the Solo 401k plan you can set your own contribution level. And if needed, you can adjust your contributions each year. 

Whether it will be feast or famine in retirement will be determined by your contribution percentage:

                                                          % of Pay

 Your Supper                                    Contribution

 in Retirement                                       Needed  

Canned Spam and Creek Water.................2%

Mac & Cheese with Koolaid........................4%  

Meatloaf with Soda.......................................6%

Sirloin Steak(med.)with Beer.......................8%

Shrimp with Calif. Wine..............................10%

Sushi with Imported Wine...........................12%

T-Bone with Brandy.....................................14%

Filet (med. rare) with Champagne..............16%


Whether it's Meatloaf or a T-Bone-- you get to decide how you'll be living.


From there you can consider your investment options for your tax deferred
or tax free earnings.

Investing Your Small Business Solo 401k or Roth Solo 401k Contributions: 

A unique feature of your small business Solo 401k Plan is the flexibility of investments.  With your small business Solo 401k or Roth Solo 401k plan you can choose either self-directed or professional management of your investments or any combination of both. 
the Solo-k Retirement Group does not receive any commissions, fees, or any other payments based on your investments. 

With your Solo 401k or Roth Solo 401k plan, individually designed for you, you make the final decision on the investments in which you participate. You can have individual or multiple accounts-Vanguard, T.Rowe Price, AIM, American Funds -- Real Estate, Gold, Private placements---you decide because your plan is self-directed.

Other companies'standardized Solo 401k's do not allow for Roth 401k contributions and only let you invest in their own family of mutual funds.

Unlike their 401k's, with your small business Solo 401k or Roth Solo 401k, you can invest in limited partnerships, private placements and other closely held investments as well as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, gold, Limited Liability Corporations and even life insurance. The Solo-k Retirement Group works with all investment firms.

 But wait,  there's more.....

With your Solo 401k plan, you also get..
..something no one else offers..
One-on-one, uncompromising help
 Whenever its needed...

With this new package you can now easily share in 25 years of 401k knowledge. Many CPAs and banks generally do not know much about the technical basis of Solo 401k plans. Anyone serious about their self employed, small business can use this plan and the unlimited consulting that comes with it, to grow a $1,127,376.04 retirement account.

Have questions? Not exactly sure how the plan will operate? Want to know about special plan features that will benefit just you? There are just some things a book or software can't cover. Get timely, one-one-one help to solve any issues in your plan. You will get 25 years of expert experience in administering 401k plans. Experts at ERISA, documents, submitting contributions, trust accounting, and preparing the Form 5500-EZ. And it's all part of the one low, all inclusive price.

We've mentioned it before but you can't imagine how much of a competitive advantage it is to be able to talk to a retirement professional who knows your plan and can help you with your own individual issues. With 25+ years of experience with the plans of organizations like McDonalds Corp., the City of Los Angeles, Pepsi, Coors, Gulf Oil, Colgate-Palmolive and Helena Rubenstein, you will get the answers for the toughest 401k plan or retirement questions.
 Questions like:

1. "I can only make modest 401k contributions right now. Should I still start now?"

2."What's this ROTH Solo 401k and how can it benefit me?"

3."With 25 different types of retirement plans available for sole proprietors and self employed  individuals like myself, can you help me so I'll know I have chosen the best one for my situation?"

4."How often should I review my investments?"

5." How do I structure the Solo k Plan to get the best breaks from Uncle Sam?"

6. " Is it better to have one or  more than one trustee?"

7. "Because the stock market crashed like it did recently, will my plan allow me to diversify into gold, mortgages, real estate and private investments?"

Think about this for a minute

Bottom line:
If you want to build a $1,127,376.04 retirement account and, one day find yourself on a beach or golf course with the time to think back to the "good old days" when you worked very hard, then the Solo 401k or Roth Solo 401k retirement plan is the perfect opportunity for you.
Here's what makes the Solo 401k the Easiest Decision You'll Ever Make...
  • Because you save $4,017 in taxes today.
First, your traditional deferral contribution of up to $18,000 in 2015 reduces your self employment income and your taxes.  And, if you are over 50 years of age, you can reduce your income taxes further by making up to $6,000 in "catch-up " contributions.
Second, You deduct from your taxable income your additional contribution amount of up to $12,500 (25%) of your corporate compensation income, or $10,000 (20%) of your self-employment income.
  • Because you pay no taxes on  your $596,376.04  of Solo 401k earnings,
The money in your Solo 401k Roth grows tax-free, which means you  pay zero ($0) taxes on capital gains, interest, and dividends on investments even when you make withdrawals in retirement. That's different from non-retirement accounts where you pay taxes on the earnings immediately in the year earned.
  • Because you have access to tax-free Solo 401k loans up to $50,000 with no credit score required:
The loans are amortized up to a 5 year period at current interest rates with quarterly payments. Loans are not permitted in traditional or Roth IRAs and SEP IRAs. You can borrow funds for your business or invest in other opportunities.
  • Because you decide your Solo 401k contribution amounts.
Each year, funding is up to you. You can increase or decrease contribution levels accordingly. Although there are legal limits each year that determine the maximum contributions made to a Solo 401k plan, the actual amount you contribute each year will determine your ability to reach a $1,127,376.04 balance. If you run into difficult times you can contribute nothing at all.
  • Because you can consolidate the investment power of your existing plans.
IRAs, SEP plans, and other qualified plans can be transferred into your Solo 401k plan so that you can consolidate the investing power you have established over the years. And reduce your administrative costs.
  • Because the Solo 401k administration is inexpensive,
The Solo 401k plan is inexpensive to maintain. Annual administration fees for documents, annual accounting, contribution calculations and Form 5500-EZ preparation are tiny and more than offset by the annual income and employment taxes you save on your pre-tax deferral contributions and employer contribution deduction.
  • Because your Solo 401k assets are protected from creditors,
Your assets under the Solo 401k plan will be protected in state bankruptcy.
  • Because you do not want to be the one out of four continuing to work because they did not have a retirement plan.

Recent studies by Fidelity report that 1 out of 4  can not retire and must keep working because they never had a retirement plan.


There's more....

You're probably expecting this package to cost something along the lines of $3,500.00, $2,500.00 or perhaps $900.00 if you're very optimistic. But you'd be way off base...

While the entire Solo 401k Plan has a normal cash value of $1,823.51 we will cover 87% of your cost, so you can get the all inclusive package for just $247.


"How can You Deliver So Much for So Little?"


Do you know when people ask us this question. After they get started. Sure, people think it before--but they email us that question after..


It is our favorite question.

Why are we offering this Solo 401k package at such a low price when others are charging $2,500, $1,800 and more, for much less? (We even saw one administrator pricing their plan at .025% or 25 basis points. On a $1,000,000 + Solo 401k, that amounts to $2,500 a year.
Or another administrator that charges $2,500 just for the documents... that's more than most administrators charge for a traditional 401k plan with 15-50 employees

Another administrator starts small but squeezes you for each and every service you need to benefit from the plan; you'll find yourself paying an outrageous $1700-$1900 a year for this plan.

Well, those of you who have known us realize we truly like to help people experience genuine financial freedom..and we realize that can not be done with high administration fees.  

We figure that once you have enjoyed the unlimited investment opportunities, the efficient annual administration and the consulting help that as you grow,you will continue to see us as your retirement partner.

In a nutshell, once you're a client of the Solo-k Retirement Group, you'll have everything you need for a Solo 401k plan--IRS approved plan documents, tax forms and yearly administration. And you'll quickly discover the true value of directing your own investments with checkbook control.

The only way we can continue to personally help people through this maze to retirement freedom, is by controlling the number of clients we take in. But we believe in fighting Corporate Big Boy Greed, so you'll be able to get all that I've mentioned, including the personal help for the all inclusive $247.

OK, ready to get started? Well, hang on a second. We just need to mention one more thing...
     Our Ironclad 365 Day Guarantee...
Put your Solo 401k plan to work immediately.  And just by taking advantage of the free, professional consulting, the cost of this plan will easily pay for itself many times over.
But if for some reason the package doesn't live up to your expectations over the next year, you won't be out one red cent. Just return the plan documents and we'll refund  your entire payment, right up to the final day of this 365 day guarantee. You keep everything else. How's that for a guarantee?

We can offer a rock-solid guarantee like this because the fact is; you'll never have to worry about a refund.

That's it, thanks for your  time. it was a bit  long-winded, but hey, we covered a lot!
Yours for greater business success,
Now that you know about the no-risk way to start a Solo 401k plan, the next move is up to you.

So ask yourself one last question... If you want to secure your financial future .... if you want to stop gambling on how long you will have to work .... if you want the time to take control of how much more financially stable and pleasurable your retirement can be, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this risk-free offer. 


Don't miss out on the best Solo 401k plan dedicated to making your retirement more successful---




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