To the Men and Women Who Want to
Quit Working One Day: The Solo 401k Plan

Solo 401k Plan

The Solo 401k Plan

  Dear Business Builder:

  I'm reaching out to you because I believe I have   some thoughts to share about retirement that       will give you an idea of who we are. Even if           you're not interested in a retirement plan               opportunity at first, I hope to make this message   worth reading.


Currently Federal Debt is about $17,601,335,311,000

Since the onset of the global financial crisis of 2007–08, qualitative easing has been the monetary policy used by the United States. The Federal Reserve used Quantitative Easing because the risk-free short-term nominal interest rates were either at or close to zero. In the United States, this interest rate is the federal funds rate;

During the peak of the financial crisis in 2008, the US Federal Reserve also started expanding its balance sheet dramatically by adding new assets and new liabilities without any corresponding subtractions. More information at: Wikipedia : Quantitative Easing.

The $17,601,335,311,000.00 amount is the Gross Federal Debt issued by the United States Department of the Treasury. It does not include state and local debt, and it does not include the so-called unfunded future liabilities of entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Federal Debt per person is about $53,942.For more see: GAO on Federal Debt

Projected and Recent US Federal Debt Numbers


Federal Debt

Debt Held by
Public (not FRS)

Debt held by
gov. accounts

Debt Held by
Federal Reserve

FY 2015*

$18.7 trillion

$11.5 trillion

$5.1 trillion

$2.1 trillion

FY 2014*

$17.9 trillion

$10.8 trillion

$5.0 trillion

$2.1 trillion

FY 2013

$16.7 trillion

$9.9 trillion

$4.7 trillion

$2.1 trillion

FY 2012

$16.1 trillion

$9.6 trillion

$4.8 trillion

$1.6 trillion

“Gross Federal Debt” is the total debt owed by the United States federal government.

The Big Question is: Who will Pay?


The last 10 years have been coined as a "lost decade" for stocks and bonds, with the individual investor rewarded with momentary gains at best and enduring losses at worst. The ongoing unpredictability, uncertainties, and disappointments have kept many investors from reaching their financial goals.

Yet I am not about to suggest you give up and put everything into a savings or money market account. Having worked hard and saved, I'm sure you are determined to hang on to as much as you can and increase its value over time. You have real-world monetary obligations to meet over the next several years.

Having lost the last decade was a dreadful shame. Losing the next is simply not an acceptable outcome. Investment success in the periods to come will not come easy, or by accident.

To stand out, I believe a 401k investor will need an unusual amount of discipline, a willingness to get rid of the Wall Street's hot-money mentality…and above all, an insistence on being rewarded as a rightful owner through alternative, rising investment opportunities.

The Big Question is: Who will Win?

These are what I am determined to provide through the website and blog of The Solo-k Plan.

Moreover, Solo 401k plans administration is my chosen profession, and I pursue its opportunities and rewards with passion.

After 20 years of traditional 401k experience, in 2004 I laid out a new course: 

1. I focus on self directed, checkbook control solo 401k plans exclusively. 
2. I focus my 20 years experience on designing and delivering the best, most flexible solo 401k plan
3. And I expand on my acquired knowledge and experience daily to provide you with the best fitting solo 401k plan documents and operational procedures.

The factor common arising from these 3 goals is simple: giving you the flexibility to self direct, self trustee and self custody your solo 401k investments with checkbook control. Not just any flexibility but the opportunities to pay you first instead of having the government take it in taxes.

We continue our focus on helping you with the tax and investment opportunities of the Solo 401k Plan so you can achieve income tax deferral and retirement, income value.