To the Men and Women Who Want to
Quit Working One Day: The Solo 401k Plan

What You Get-Solo k

With Your Solo 401k Plan..

You Get...


1. IRS Approved Solo 401k Documents,



2. Annual Administration,     and




3. Seasoned Help. 













Solo 401k Plan Documents:

Solo 401k Plan Setup & Conversion:

IRS Approved Prototype  Plan Documents

Solo 401k

Enrollment Materials

IRS Approved Mass Submitter Documents

Solo 401k

Set up documents

Trust Agreements for the Assets

Solo 401k Contribution Setup Procedures

Summary Plan Description for all participants

Solo 401k Transfer of Asset Coordination

Loan Procedures

Solo 401k Beneficiary Designation

QDRO Procedures for Divorces

Solo 401k Distribution Forms



Solo 401k 

Plan Operations:

 Solo 401k


Eligibility Determination Assistance

Annual Contribution Report

Contribution Allocation Assistance

Annual Distribution Report

Vesting Contributions

Annual Loan Balance Report

Loan Processing

Statement of Assets and Liabilities

Distribution Processing



Dept. of Labor

Tax Reporting

Solok Form 1099-R

Solok Form 5500 (EZ)

Solok Form 945

Solok Form 1096

Solok Form 5500SF


That's not all...


You also get ...........



The Solo-k Retirement Group


1. We're in Business too

Being in business ourselves, we live with the budgetary and time constraints that companies face. We'll help you define your Solo 401k goals in solid terms and then work with you to deliver a realistic, affordable, Solo 401k solution.

" I have recently become a client of you all with our company and a small pension 401K Plan. I cant tell you how smart, how helpful, kind, patient, and professional "one true winner". H. Sherman-Automotive & Related Industries.



2. First-Class Experience

Hire The Solo-k Retirement Group and you'll get

a respected author and a leading 401k expert with over 25 years of experience. Someone who has successfully launched 401k's for clients like Gulf Oil,Toyota, Pepsi, Coors, McDonald's Corp, Monsanto Chemical and Helen Rubenstein. Firms who lead their respective industries. He also introduced the first 401k into the Colgate Palmolive Company in the early 80s. We'll bring this know how and insight to your project.

" Thanks so much for all the hard work!" P Mather-Credit Services

3. Fast - No Compromises

Clients love that we deliver quality work even under ASAP deadlines. We realize you don't have time to mess around. That's why we'll work with you to deliver your Solo 401k today.

"Thanks! I didn't expect an answer from you today! Guess I'm not the only one that comes in on weekends .." Brenda W- The Broussard Group

4. Reliable, Dependable, and Available

At The Solo-k Retirement Group, we pride ourselves on the level of individual contact we provide our clients. You'll always be able to talk directly to the individual working on your Solo 401k.

" I like the quick response I get when I call and If I leave a message Lawrence gets back with me soon. Unlike with Bisys, I know who I will be talking to." Shirley B.-Johnson County S.U.D.

5. Deliverables You Can Use

We don't try to impress you with 200-page IRS regulations you'll never read, complex processes that take up your time, or Solo 401k administration that doesn't fit your circumstances. We just give you the Solo 401k help, documents, and administration you really need.

"Thank-you for all your help. I really appreciate it. I can make a happy phone calls to those 2 people now :)" Arimbie T World Trade Center Institute.

6. No "Second" Team

When you hire The Solo-k Retirement Group, you get The Solo-k Retirement Group, not a rooky second team, or outside subcontractor. From the original proposal to the final Solo 401k, you'll have our best talent working on your plan.

"Thank you Lawrence for taking care of this asap".- A. Lozano-Laredo Development

7. Straight Forward  English, Not Techno-Speak

You deserve clear communication from your Solo 401k firm. So we don't hide behind acronyms, funny words, or industry jargon. With The Solo-k Retirement Group, you get answers you can understand.

"I love a clear explanation and you truly helped me to understand the difference" Cheryl C -Morgan Stanley

8. We Hear What You are Saying

We start a project by listening, not showing you pictures. We'll learn your business goals and then find out what you want. The result will be a clear Solo 401k with results for you.

9. Bigger isn't the Best

Many companies who use big Solo 401k shops wind up disappointed. These  shops end up merged out of business, or cut staff,  Unlike these massive firms, we've stayed the course, delivered excellence, and kept our clients coming back for more.

" I'm glad you are tracking all this. I really appreciate the attention to detail that you provide". Leigh Eddy- VBAS    

10. An Objective Solo 401k Approach

We understand the realities of Solo 401k administration. Payroll wants this, investment advisors want that, and the business team wants this, that, and the other. The Solo-k Retirement Group brings an unbiased viewpoint. We'll create a dream team with the combination of your perspective and our expertise.

"You are awesome! Thank-you, " D. Buckminster-Morgan Stanley

 Getting Started on Your Solo 401k with The Solo-k Retirement Group is as easy as 1-2-3:


1. We'll Exchange Ideas

Let's talk on the phone, via e-mail, or in person . We'll  exchange ideas and discuss how The Solo-k Retirement Group can make your solo 401k successful. We can also explain our process, how long your project will take, what results you can expect, or anything else you want to know.


2. We'll Put Together A PDQ For You (Fast!)


Get started on your Solo 401k plan and we'll deliver your documents within days. We will get you a Plan Design Questionnaire (PDQ); we can put one together pretty quick. With your answers we'll deliver your documents to get you started in no time.


3. We'll Deliver


As soon as you're ready, we'll get started. Then we'll make it our goal to provide the Solo 401k you need.


Let us hear from you today. 



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    *The Solo-k Retirement Group adheres to the SEC and Dept. of Labor's

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